is an Instagram account that may help you when you found an interesting post with a link on it, but Instagram doesn't allow to click the links, so if you share the post with GimmeLink, you will recive the link in the chat. As easy as that!. Also let you download stories and see profile pictures in big size.

Link not clickable in instagram post

When you found an insteresting post or story with a link, press share button

Share post with link to GimmeLink

Search for @gimmelink and press send as direct message

Direct messages with GimmeLink

Gimme will respond your message with a clickable link to follow

No more "Link in bio"

As everyone knows, it's not possible to add clickable links on Instagram posts or stories. Because of that, many instagramers have chosen to leave a single important link into their biography.
With GimmeLink is now possible to add links in post (as text) because users can easily share the post with GimmeLink and get your link directly in their direct messages inbox.


How to put links on instagram?

Just write the link on your post or story (as text), and suggest to your followers to use GimmeLink to access. Then will be easy for them to remember how to do it again, and your links will stay always in the conversation with Gimme.

You don't need to pay for links

Promote your post on Instagram is not needed if you mention @gimmelink in your post and tell users to share the post with Gimme. Don't stop generating visits on your website, include links in your posts.

Wanna download stories?

You can add a message when you share a story to @gimmelink, just write "download" and Gimme will send you a link to view and download the story (photo or video). You will be able to see the story for a time even when it has expired in Instagram.

Profile pictures are too small?

No problem, share a profile with Gimme but before to press send, add a message "zoom" and then press send. Gimme will respond to you with a link to view in a big size the profile picture.


Q: Only works with Instagram posts?
A: No, GimmeLink can scan other formats like stories or profiles looking for links.

Q: Can I change the language of the chat?
A: You can follow and chat with Gimme account in spanish ( too.

Q: Can I chat with GimmeLink?
A: Maybe soon, but now only understand shares in the chat.

Q: Can I get links from private posts or stories?
A: Only if the user has a public account GimmeLink will can look for links in posts or stories.

Q: Can GimmeLink access to my personal information?
A: Absolutly no, GimmeLink only can access to your public information on Instagram.

Q: Why I see ads in the links?
A: GimmeLink is a project that need to pay services to be alive, so it need to have some income.

Q: Can I suggest ideas o leave comments?
A: Please, feel free to contact the developers in our contact form.